Concluding remarks by Andreas Schieber and Krasimir Dimitrov: Extraction, valorization and analysis of polyphenols from foods an by-products

In this session, different green extraction processes were presented that are used for the recovery of polyphenols from agri-food wastes allowing their valorization: ultrasound-assisted extraction, microwave-assisted extraction, enzyme-assisted extraction, electrically-assisted extraction, pressurized liquid extraction and supercritical fluid extraction, as well as some new hybrid and integrated green processes.

A comparison between conventional and two green extraction methods for polyphenol extraction for valorization of coffee wastes was given as example for the advantages of green processes. Studies on several other by-products used as sources of phenolic antioxidants (pecan nutshell, winery by-products, olive pomace, pomegranate peels, blackcurrant by-products, flax seeds etc.) were also presented.

Different types of valorization of the extracted polyphenols such as inhibition of leukemia cells proliferation, food preservation (controlling post-harvest fruit rots, active packaging), and production of new adsorbent using polyphenols from olive pomace were shown.

Other presentations in this session included the stability of anthocyanins and the proposal of new natural product-based green food coloring.

Finally, some analytical advances were reported in relation to identification of new oxidation products of enzymatic and chemical oxidation of polyphenols.

If you would like to access all abstracts presented in this session, you can order the abstracts book by clicking here.


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