LogoPolyphenolsFruit and vegetable by-products are today considered as a cheap source of valuable components, as since the existent technologies allow the recovery of target compounds and their recycling inside food chain as functional additives in different products. Polyphenols, phenolics acids, antioxidants found in huge amount in bio-waste and by-products, can be used in health and food industries. 


On June 5, ISANH organizes a pre-conference Workshop dedicated to the strategy to recover, valorize and reuse polyphenols from vegetables and fruits by-products. 


During this workshop, the major sessions discussed will be:

  1. Potential sources, target polyphenols and other compounds of interest
  2. Designing of the recovery strategy and selection of stages
  3. Selection of appropriate solvents and conventional technologies
  4. Emerging technologies, cost and safety issues compared to conventional technologies
  5. Scale up, process commercialization, applications and case studies

For more information: www.polyphenols-site.com

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