Spain Polyphenols Applications is postponed to 2021

Dear Colleagues,


In response to the critical situation and evolution of the COVID-19, the Organizing Committee of Polyphenols Applications 2020 decided to postpone the congress to next year.


The new date is September 23-24, 2021.
We will announce the details as soon as the planning of the 2021 meeting has been completed.


We will keep your registration, you don’t need to do anything.  In case of cancellation, the Organizing Committee will fully refund you.
Thank you for your understanding of this exceptional situation.


We will keep our optimism and wish rapidly to overcome these moments.


All our warm regards,


Prof. Dr. Andreas Schieber                      
President of Polyphenols Applications 2020
University of Bonn, Germany 


Environment-Friendly applications of polyphenols - Polyphenols as a natural pesticide

Polyphenols Applications 2021

During the Polyphenols Applications 2020, Session will be dedicated to the environment-friendly applications of polyphenols.

We will discuss on the polyphenols as a natural pesticide.


Polyphenols Applications 2020 Speakers

Polyphenols Applications speaker Andreas Schieber v1Reactions of phenolic compounds – A bottomless pit?
Andreas Schieber, University of Bonn, Germany
Polyphenols Applications speaker Jose EstrelaBiomedical applications of Pterostilbene
Jose M. Estrela, University of Valencia, Spain
Polyphenols Applications speaker remulo carvalhoEnvironment-Friendly Applications of Polyphenols: Polyphenols as a natural pesticide
Rêmulo Carvalho from EMPAER, Brazil
Polyphenols Applications speaker Francisco-J.-BarbaRecovery of Polyphenols from Aquaculture Matrices and their Downstreams assisted by Alternative Green Extraction Processes
Francisco Barba, University of Valencia, Spain
Polyphenols Applications speaker rebeca-martinez-tomas-v1Interaction of different polyphenol-rich extracts with CACO-2 cells
Rebeca Martínez Tomás, Prosur, Spain
Polyphenols Applications speaker pascuali-vizcaino-v1Antimicrobial activity of polyphenols from Citrus spp. and Anethum graveolens components against Candida metapsilosis in ranch sauce
Pascuali Vizcaíno, Milla, Prosur, Spain
Polyphenols Applications speaker isidro-guillen-v1Towards nitrite free meat product: Polyphenols as a real alternative to nitrite in meat products
Isidro Guillén López, Prosur, Spain

Polyphenols Applications speaker bollingAronia Berry Polyphenols for chronic disease prevention
Bradley Bolling, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Microbiota, Polyphenols and Metabolites: Strategic Topic

Effects of Diets on MicrobiotaDuring the Polyphenols Applications 2020, Sessions will be dedicated to the strategic role of Microbiota and Polyphenols.

We will discuss the effects of Metabolites produced by Microbiota on Mitochondria.



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