Welcome to Malta Polyphenols 2019 World Congress

prof-schieberDear Colleagues,

On behalf of the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH) and the Scientific Committee, we are pleased to announce the organization of the 13th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications to be held in Malta on September 30 -  October 1, 2019.

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Malta Polyphenols 2019 Key dates

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Early Bird Registration:

June 15, 2019



Last News: Round Table Discussion

Traditional ways of delivering scientific information to the audience during congresses are oral and poster presentations. However, despite the wealth of data typically presented, many questions of the participants remain unanswered, and for many scientists, even those who have been considered as keynote speakers, there is only limited opportunity to interact with colleagues. To facilitate the scientific discourse and make the conference more interactive, the scientific committee has decided to include two round table discussions that address hot topics, challenges and pressing questions related to various areas of polyphenols research.

Day One Round Table Discussion
Polyphenols and food applications
Chair: Prof. Andreas Schieber


Mitochondria, Microbiota and Polyphenols at Polyphenols 2019

Effects of Diets on MicrobiotaDuring the Malta Polyphenols 2019, Sessions will be dedicated to strategic role of Mitochondria, Microbiota and Polyphenols.

We will speak about the effects of Metabolites produced by Microbiota on Mitochondria.

The most hot topics of Malta Polyphenols 2019 will be : The Quality of polyphenols and how they can modulate the microbiota to produce strategic metabolites,the characterization of these metabolites and elucidate how they can affect the mitochondria and genes expressions.

Among the Speakers:

Gunter Eckert Polyphenols 2019 CongressPolyphenols and Mitochondria: Recent Advances & Perspectives
Gunter P. Eckert, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany
Alessandra Napolitano Malta Polyphenols 2019Skin and Polyphenols: Recent advances and practical applications
Alessandra Napolitano, University of Naples Federico, Italy
Clarissa Gerhauser Malta Polyphenols 2019Dietary agents - and their microbial metabolites - as epigenetic modulators in human health & disease
Clarissa Gerhäuser, German Cancer Research Center, Germany

Sarah Schmitt Malta Polyphenols 2019Hemisynthesis of anthocyanin phase II metabolites and their characterization by LC-ESI-IMS-QTOF mass spectrometry
Sarah Schmitt, University of Bonn, Germany

Rada Dinkova Malta Polyphenols 2019Polyphenols of Bulgarian oil-bearing rose (Rosa damascena Mill.): Recovery and potential applications in food industry
Rada Dinkova, University of Food Technologies, Bulgaria
Gerard Aragones Polyphenols Applications 2019-updatedNovel Insights of Polyphenols in Obesity
Gerard Aragonès, Rovira i Virgili University, Spain
Matthias Wust Malta Polyphenols 2019Volatile Phenols– Important contributors to the flavour and aroma of herbs spices and fruits
Matthias Wüst, Bonn University, Germany
Carolina Rojas Garbanzo Polyphenols 2019 updCharacterization of polyphenols from exotic fruits
Carolina Rojas-Garbanzo,
University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Mariana Barbosa Malta Polyphenols 2019Phlorotannins – extraction, profiling and bioactivities
Mariana Barbosa, University of Porto, Portugal
Liudmila Korkina Malta Polyphenols 2019Polyphenols in prevention of skin photoaging and cosmetic applications
Liudmila G. Korkina
, Moscow Centre for Innovative Biotechnological Investigations, Russia
Lucia-Panzella Malta Polyphenols 2019Natural and bioinspired phenolic compounds as skin depigmenting agents: Recent Advances
Lucia Panzella, University of Naples "Federico II", Italy
Yves Desjardins Malta Polyphenols 2019Role of polyphenols in cognitive diseases
Yves Desjardins, Laval University, Canada

For more information: www.polyphenols-site.com

The final agenda of Bonn Polyphenols World Congress


The scientific committee published the Final Agenda with all presentations (Major and Short talks) published today.

To download Bonn Polyphenols Agenda, please follow this link.



Order the Abstracts book of Polyphenols 2018 Congress

Bonn-Polyphenols-2018-Abstracts-Book-3DThe Abstracts book in PDF version of Bonn Polypenols 2018 is available to order. 

If you cannot participate to the congress and you would like to order the abstracts book, please click here.


Who attended Bonn Polyphenols 2018

The 12th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications: Bonn Polyphenols 2018 - gathered more than 250 attendees during three days coming from all around the world, from academics and industrials.-

Silvateam (supporter)
Indena (supporter)
Eckes Granini (supporter)
Academy of Physical Education in Katowice
Kao Corporation
Unifarco S.p.a
Finzelberg GmbH & Co. KG
ADM WILD Europe GmbH & Co. KG
Kaesler Nutrition GmbH
Ferrer Interquim
Maastricht University
Herbalife Nutrition
Indena SpA

DrESt GmbH
GNT Europa GmbH
SUKO Nordic ApS
Miavit GmbH
Nestlé Research Center
Ghent University

Nestec SA

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Universidad de Talca
Universidad de Vigo
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola
Universidade Estadual de Maringá
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Universita degli studi di Milano

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine
University of Florence

University of Osijek
Justus-Liebig Universität Gießen
Kaesler Nutrition GmbH
Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Lycotec Ltd
Maastricht University
Ming Chuan University
Mount Sinai Medical Center
National University of Colombia
PharmalineaRīga Stradiņš University
Robert Gordon University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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Bonn Polyphenols 2018 World congress moments

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