You can submit your abstract for oral or poster presentation by selecting among the following tracks:

Track 1: Polyphenols in Health & Diseases: The Mechanistics

  • Modulation of Redox Homeostasis
  • Modulation of NRf2 and transcription factors
  • Modulation of antioxidants defense system
  • Effects on mitochondria: the subtle modulation

    Track 2: Polyphenols and Mitochondria: the subtle modulation
  • Can microbiota modulate polyphenols absorption and bioavailability?
  • Can polyphenols modulate microbiota diversity and quality?
  • Impact of various polyphenols (tea, coffee, cocoa…) on microbiota

Track 3: Innovations in Polyphenols Methods

Recent advances in methods, devices and materials to evaluate and study polyphenols


Track 4: Polyphenols & Waste Valorisation from Fruits & Vegetable Processing


Track 5: Polyphenols & Preventive / Therapeutic Medicine

  • Polyphenols & Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Polyphenols & Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Polyphenols & Cancer
  • Polyphenols & Liver
  • Polyphenols & Kidney
  • Others


Track 6: Polyphenols & Natural Conservators

  • Antibacterial, antiviral and antifongical effects of polyphenols
  • How to switch from synthetic to more natural conservators?


Track 7: Polyphenols & Industrial Innovations

  • Polyphenols Applications in Packaging
  • Polyphenols & food colorants: the force of natural polyphenols


Track 8: Polyphenols, Functional Drinks & Functional Ingredients

  • Pomegranate
  • Tea, Coffee, Cocoa
  • Wine, Beer, Cider…
  • Polyphenols as Medicalized Food


If you are interested to present your recent clinical studies with polyphenols or your new innovative methods to valorise polyphenols waste, please find all details to send an abstract by clicking here.




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