Polyphenols Applications 2019 Awards

Scientific Contribution Award

Prof. Jan Fred Stevens, Oregon State University, USA 

"Computation-Assisted Annotation of Biological Activity to Polyphenols in Botanical Supplements and Herbal Medicines"

Prof. Yves Desjardins, Laval University, Canada

"Role of Polyphenols in Cognitive Diseases"

 Short Oral Presentation Award

Dr. Rêmulo Carvalho, from EMPAER, Brazil

"Control of Pineapple Fusariosis with Polyphenols"

 Poster Presentation Award

Dr. Benjamin Dilberger, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany

"Polyphenols and Metabolites Enhance Survival in Rodents and Nematodes - Impact of Mitochondria"

 Industrial Innovation Awards


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Concluding Remarks 2019

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