Effect of Cocoa Extract Supplementation on Cognitive Function

Effect of Cocoa Extract Supplementation on Cognitive Function-min

The COcoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS), by Vyas et al., offered fresh insights into the effects of cocoa extract (CE) on cognitive function among adults aged 60 and above.

COSMOS-Clinic subcohort, comprising 573 participants, underwent detailed neuropsychological assessments over a span of 2 years. CE, rich in flavanols (500 mg/d, including 80 mg (–)-epicatechin), was put to the test against a placebo. Could chocolate be a secret weapon for brain health?

Contrary to some expectations, daily CE supplementation exhibited no significant impact on global cognition over the 2-year period. Secondary outcomes, including episodic memory and executive function/attention, also showed no substantial differences between the CE group and the placebo group.

However, interesting subgroup analyses hinted at potential cognitive benefits for those with poorer baseline diet quality. A clue to personalized approaches in the future?

What's Next? 

While this study does not point to an overall cognitive benefit from CE supplementation, the nuanced responses in specific subgroups underscore the need for further investigation. Is there a personalized path to unlocking cocoa's cognitive potential?

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