Novel Development on the Potential Application of Pyranoanthocyanin as Colorants

Monica GustiProf. Monica Giusti, Ohio State University, USA, will be joining the 17th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications 2024 this September in Milan.

She will present the Novel Development on the Potential Application of Pyranoanthocyanin as Colorants.

Presentation Summary

  • Pyranoanthocyanins are derived from anthocyanins and are key contributors to the extra long stability of red wine color. 
  • Yet, their limited stability limits their application in foods.
  • Different strategies were developed by Prof. Gusti and her team to produce a wide variety of pyranoanthocyanins from an array of different anthocyanin precursors, and in combination with different cofactors.
  • These pyranoanthocyanins show superior stability to factors such as pH, bleaching agents and heat.
  • They also present new challenges such as their decreased solubility in water and the low efficiency of production.
  • Different strategies to increase the yields of pyranoanthocyanin production from different sources will be discussed, as well as the role of their chemical structure on pyranoanthocyanin color, solubility, stability and potential for food applications. 

Polyphenols Applications 2024 Congress
September 19-20, 2024 - Milan
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