Three Awards were discerned during the 9th ISANH World Congress on Polyphenols Applications



Pr Reinold Carle was awarded for his Scientific Achievements in the field of Pigments.

Pr Carle was a chairperson during the congress, and he performed an oral presentation named: "Why to Go from Synthetic and Animal-based Pigments to Those from Plant Sources?"


Pr Gupta-ScientificContributionPrMaroun-ScientificContribution

And Professors Ramesh Gupta and Richard Maroun were award to their scientific contribution in the field of polyphenols.

Pr Gupta a chaired a session of the congress, and did an oral presentation named: "Polyphenolics for the Prevention and Treatment of Various Cancers using Novel Oral, Systemic and Local Delivery Technologies"

 Pr Maroun was a chairperson during the congress and did an oral presentation named: "Optimization of Polyphenols Extraction from Wine Shoots & Grape Pomace"

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