Metabolomic assessment of polyphenols in tropical fruits

Carolina Rojas Garbanzo Polyphenols 2019 updProf. Carolina Rojas-Garbanzo, from University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica  will join the 13th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications: Malta Polyphenols 2019 which will be held in Malta on September 30 -  October 1, 2019.

During the congress, Prof. Carolina Rojas-Garbanzo will talk about "Metabolomic assessment of polyphenols in tropical fruits".

Short summary of Talk: The main globally causes of death make not distinction among regions of the world, nor income economies. The incidence of diseases, e.g., stroke and cardiovascular affections, may be reduced by the consumption of phytochemicals such as polyphenols contained in fruits and vegetables. Among fruits, tropical fruits have gained attention due to their use as traditional medicine. Many tropical fruits are mostly consumed in the countries of origin, however, the interest in the consumption of fresh fruits or its products has yearly increased in the international market. In a growing population world, it is very important to identify fruits containing high levels of specific bioactive compounds with specific bioactivities. There is a high demand by consumers for foods not only with a high nutritional level but giving additionally health benefits. To meet this demand, tropical fruits have extensively been evaluated for describing the profile and content of polyphenols. Nevertheless, stage of maturation or weather conditions are some of the critical factors influencing the high quality of fruits containing polyphenols, moreover, the biochemistry behind is still not well-understood at a molecular level. Therefore, applying targeted statistical assessment, the main metabolomic pathways occurring among species of the same botanical family may allow the recognition of the most discriminating metabolites or metabolites in common in a genera. This perspective may also contribute to the development of innovative functional foods but also directing correctly the studies focused on polyphenols bioavailability and bioabsorption.


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