Novel Insights of Polyphenols in Obesity

Gerard Aragones Polyphenols Applications 2019-updated

During the 13th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications: Malta Polyphenols 2019 which will be held in Malta on September 30 -  October 1, 2019, Dr. Gerard Aragonès from Rovira i Virgili University, Spain will speak about "Novel Insights of Polyphenols in Obesity".

Dr. Gerard Aragonès will speak about: Society needs innovative anti-obesity strategies that cause a significant reduction in food intake and/or an increase in energy expenditure with higher efficacy, safety, and selectivity. The discovery of leptin in 1994 opened a new field within the therapeutic strategies driven to combat obesity. However, the administration of leptin is absolutely inefficient in decreasing the body weight of obese mammals who are not leptin-deficient but instead have high levels of circulating leptin associated with loss of responsiveness to this hormone. This hyposensitivity to leptin and its prevention and treatment could represent a major challenge in obesity research for the next decade. Thus, understanding the biological function of leptin and its receptors is an important step to identify potential dietary food compounds that could provide new strategies for restoring leptin sensitivity. This lecture will review the role of dietary polyphenols that have demonstrated a clear improvement in leptin signaling, as well as briefly summarize the latest advances in the molecular mechanisms involved in leptin resistance, to supply new ideas for the management of obesity.


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