Strategies and Solutions of Polyphenols Valorisation from Fruits and Vegetables Waste will be showcased in Paris

During Paris Polyphenols 2012, a special session on Polyphenols & Waste Valorisation from Fruits & Beverages Processing is organised.


The aim of this special session is to discuss how to valorise Polyphenols & Antioxidants from various wastes such as tomato peel, olive margin, paper waste, wine, beer, cider and palm industries.

During the session, the scientific committee will highlight last advances, innovations and practical cases about how to use industrial waste as ingredients for all industrials like food preservatives, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical ingredient, cosmetic compound…

Among hot topics which will be presented:

  • · Processing Waste from Fruits, Vegetables and Oilseeds: An Overview of Sources, Phenolic Profiles and Potential Applications

  • · Polyphenols from by-Products of Food Processing: A Industry Perspective on Current Opportunities and Challenges

  • · Conventional and Novel Techniques for the Extraction of Biologically Active Compounds from Processing by-Products

  • · Microencapsulation of Polyphenols Extracts from Processing by-Products

  • · Adsorption Technologies for the Recovery and Fractionation of Polyphenols from by-Products

  • · Practical case: Colour Retention of Anthocyanins using Phenolic Compounds from Distilled Rose Petals: Stabilization through co-Pigmentation by Phenolics

For more information about Paris Polyphenols 2012:


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