Tomato Polyphenols from Tomato Byproducts : The Challenge of Recycling Tomato Waste?

Behind the potato, tomato is the second most important vegetable crop worldwide and the recycling of tomato waste is currently among the top of environmental stakes.


Flavonoids predominated in tomato waste (…) comprising 87% of flavonoids” as the new article of N.Kalogeropoulos explains. Because tomatoes contains a large part of polyphenols concentrations, tomato by-products could give great opportunities of use to industry in a lot of fields such as cosmetic, pharmaceutical, agroalimentary and many others.

According to Kalogeropoulos and his researchers team “as tomato waste are bioorganic materials an being in line with the trend for sustainability and recycling/reusing, these value adding constituents could be either isolated from the waste to be used as natural antioxidants for the formulation of functional foods, or to serve as additives in food systems to elongate their life”.

In this new study, the team investigated the presence of health promoting phytochemicals such as polyphenols in tomato processing by-products “in order to evaluate the potential for their use as additives for the preparation of functional foods” or for the use as a preservative ingredient in foods.

How to use tomato waste ? …this topic will be treat during the Network Session 2012, specialize organized at the Polyphenols 2012 World Congress which will take place in Paris in June 7 & 8, 2012.

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Source :  “Bioactive phytochemicals in industrial tomatoes and their processing byproducts” by N. Kalogeropoulos and al, 2012 – LWT – Food Science and Technology

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