Impact of Olive Oil Polyphenols on Human Health : Will Be Showcased During Paris Polyphenols 2012 ?

Dr Maria Isabel Covas, Cardiovascular Risk and Nutrition Research Group, IMIM-Institut de Rebeca Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, Spaininvited to present all clinical evidences about olive oil polyphenols in Paris Polyphenol 2012 World Congress !

It is currently well established that oxidized LDL cholesterol play a major role to initiate the developpment of atheromatous plaques, which are very included in risk of heart attack and many others cardivascular diseases.

One of the earliest steps in generation of oxidized LDL is the peroxydation of its polyunsaturated fatty acids. This situation creates covalent bonds with others molecules such as apolipoprotein B which becomes immunogenic. As a consequence, oxidized LDL antibodies (OLAB) are generated to reduce levels of oxidized LDL and therefore, play a protective role for  atherosclerosis.

In clinical European studies, the researcher team of Maria Isabel Covas demonstrates that “a regular daily dose of olive oil, similar to the daily consumption recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration, increased OLAB plasma concentrations in a dose-dependent manner as the olive oil phenolic coumpounds increased”.

Source : “the effect of olive oil polyphenols on antibodies against oxidized LDL. A randomized clinical trial” by O.Castaner and al., 2011 for the Eurolive Study Group.

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