Impact of Rose Petal Antioxidants for Food Formulators : Challenges and Perspectives


Antioxidant compounds extracted from rose petals could protect the coulour of strawberry extracts during processing, says a recent study.

This research, published in the journal Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies and led by professor Kiril Mihalev from University of Food Technologies in Bulgaria try to look at natural alternatives to synthetic additives that could have significant implications for food formulators.

The results obtained demonstrated that addition of polyphenolic co-pigments extracted from distilled rose petals reduced the thermal degradation of strawberry anthocianins, allowing improved colour stability of the processed strawberries”, claims the researcher team.

This implies that fruit processing technology should orient itself in accordance with nature’s patterns, especially since more and more consumers reject the application of synthetic additives”, they added.

Palmen Mollov, Kiril Mihalev and colleagues look at the effects of using polyphenolic co-pigments extracted from rose petals (Rosa damascene Mill.) on the colour of strawberry pigments in a beverage that underwent a heat treatment.

The rose petal polyphenols were added to the strawberry beverage at a one to five ratio of total anthocyanins, with a total pigment concentration of approximately 0.0001 moles.

Addition of the rose petal polyphenols increased the colour stability of the beverage, particularly after prolonged heating (four hours), said the researchers.

This polyphenolic fortification could be worthwhile not only from a technological point of view, but also with respect to the development of functional foods and beverages”, they said.

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Source : “colour stability improvement of strawberry beverage by fortification with polyphenolic co-pigments naturally occurring in rose petals” by P.Mollov, K.Mihalev and al. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies. Elsevier

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