Polyphenols From Rose Petal enhance colour stability without using food colourants : Pr Mihalev will presented its great discovery during Paris Polyphenols 2012

Professor Kiril Mihalev from the University of Food Technology in Bulgaria, one of main speakers during Paris Polyphenols 2012 World Congress, underlines the importance of this meeting : “Co- pigmentation is a nature’s colour-stabilising mechanism in which anthocyanin pigments and other, usually colourless, molecules (co-pigments) form complexes”.

Distilled (de-aromatised) rose (Rosa damascene Mill.) petals, a by-product from the rose essential oil industry, are rich source of polyphenols, particularly flavonols”, he commented.

Professor Kiril Mihalev summarizes its research which will be presented during Paris Polyphenols 2012 by saying that : “the addition of rose petal polyphenols acting as co-pigments significantly reduces the anthocyanin degradation in processed strawberries, thus bringing about enhanced colour stability without using synthetic food colorants”.

Paris Polyphenols 2012


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