ISANH discerned the ISANH Polyphenols Award 2012 to CreAgri From Paris Polyphenols





Dr. Crea’s discovery and development of olive polyphenols is currently attracting great international attention. And while Dr. Crea’s mark on the biotech industry was seminal, in the area of olive polyphenols his role is fundamental.



Dr. Crea’s invention of a viable method to naturally obtain large amounts of olive polyphenols from olive oil wastewater has led to a revolution in the olive industry, and in the way olive oil is produced. His invention has fostered a complete re-thinking of the recovery and use of this “olive juice”, not too long ago regarded as wastewater or “black water” —a polluting and abundant by-product which disposal raises serious concerns for the environment. It was also Dr. Crea’s original scientific contribution that led to the recognition of the healthy role that olive polyphenols play in the management of inflammation-based conditions ranging from psoriasis, arthritis, and neurodegeneration to the maintenance of healthy cardiovascular function.







HIDROX® is CreAgri’s patented hydroxytyrosol-rich formulation of olive polyphenols produced from the juice of organic olives, and scientifically recognized for its anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties. HIDROX® is the only hydroxytyrosol formula with GRAS certification. HIDROX® is also certified organic, Kosher and Halal, and is protected by the largest number of US and international patents and applications.




About CreAgri

CreAgri Inc., a California company, is the inventor and developer of HIDROX®.  Its goal is to promote health and wellness by creating superior natural products that strike a Creative Balance between Nature and Technology®. The company develops science-based processes that are environmentally friendly and compatible with sustainable agricultural methods. For further information about CreAgri and HIDROX®, please visit or contact Paolo Pontoniere, VP of Corporate Communications at 510-732-6478 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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