Professor Elke Richling will speak about Bioaccessability and bioavailability of chlorogenic acids during Malta Polyphenols World Congress

According professor E. Richling " Epidemiologic evidence suggests coffee consumption to be associated with reduced risk due to certain diseases, including diabetes type 2, Parkinson, and cardiovascular disease. Coffee contains high amounts of chlorogenic acids. Their positive effect on human health is dependent on their bioavailability. We performed an in vivo study, where the bioavailability of chlorogenic acids was investigated in 14 healthy subjects consuming either pure instant coffee or instant coffee in combination with a meal high in carbohydrate or high in fat to observe the influence of food consumption on the bioavailability of chlorogenic acids. Additionally, ex vivo experiments were conducted in the Ussing chamber model (simulating apical/basolateral compartments of mucosa in a dynamic system) to investigate structure-and dose-dependent absorption of chlorogenic acids to support our in vivo findings."

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