The Scientific Committee is pleased to announce that Pr Rufian Henares will present the Antioxidants Activity of Polyphenols in Food & Human Plasma

Dr RufianPr Rufian Henares will describe the Antioxidants Activity of Polyphenols in Food & Human Plasma: Towards a ISANH Standard, during Malta Polyphenols World Congress 2015 held on June 3-5, 2015, in St Julian's, Malta.

"The assessment of antioxidant capacity of those polyphenols or metabolites present in foods and plasma is a hot topic due to the direct relationship with human health and different analytical issues. The present lecture will show current approaches to develop a standardized protocol to measure the antioxidant activity of digested foodstuffs as well as plasma samples. The solubilization constrains of polyphenols during food extraction will be discussed as well as the different analytical approaches for in vitro measurement of antioxidant capacity with relevant physiological radicals."

To know more about the Malta Polyphenols World Congress 2015, please click here.

Malta Polyphenols Team

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