What are the recent advances in the analysis of polyphenols in physiological samples?

Maike Gleichenhagen Polyphenols 2017

Polyphenols have been associated with various beneficial activities such as antioxidative, anti-inflammatory or antiproliferative effects. Their metabolites appear in very low concentrations in biological fluids like plasma or urine, rarely exceeding nmol/l levels. In view of the complex matrix and the large number of compounds, usually present in low quantities, methods used for the analysis of polyphenols and their metabolites need to be highly selective, sensitive, reliable, and accurate. Appropriate sample preparation is very important and constitutes a prerequisite for the successful analysis of polyphenols. It is essential to ensure the applicability of the analytical methods with a comprehensive validation.

During Vienna Polyphenols World Congress 2017, Dr Maike Passon, from University of Bonn, Germany will present these recent advances in the analysis of polyphenols in physiological samples.

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