Natural products inducing macrophage cholesterol efflux: Presentation of the recent scientific data

Atanas atanasov polyphenols congress

During Vienna Polyphenols World Congress, the scientific committee invited Dr Atanas Georgiev Atanasov from tje University of Vienna, Austria to give a presentation about Natural products inducing macrophage cholesterol  efflux: Presentation of the recent scientific data.

According to Dr Atanasov: Cardiovascular disease is the major cause of death in the world, and therefore the identification of compounds that can combat it is highly relevant. Presented will be the characterization of natural products able to enhance macrophage cholesterol efflux, an anti-atherosclerotic process counteracting the transformation of macrophages into cholesterol-enriched proatherogenic foam cells."

For more information about this strategic talk, come & join Vienna Polyphenols 2017:




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