Silvateam Wins Innovation Award at Polyphenols Congress

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Silvateam was very pleased to participate to the 11th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications: Vienna Polyphenols 2017. The event was organised by the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH) and the Scientific Committee in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria, on June 20-21, 2017.

Silvateam, recognised worldwide as leader in the production and sales of tannins since 1854, took actively part in the congress, providing a gold sponsorship and presenting its wide tannin portfolio in a dedicated stand.

During its 160 years of history the company has acquired an extensive experience and technical knowledge in extracting only the best of nature and providing sustainable, cost-effective, multi-purpose solutions for a wide variety of uses, ranging from leather tanning, through nutraceuticals, to functional food, wine and beer, cosmetics, pharma, animal health & nutrition, agriculture and many other applications.

Research & Development plays a key role in all polyphenols related sectors, therefore Silvateam has always invested in both basic and application oriented research. The research is carried out not only in-house, but also in the most prestigious independent institutes such as universities and research centres in Europe, the Americas and Asia. One of this study, investigating the role of tannins as antibiotic alternative in animal nutrition, has been presented during the conference. Participating to this renowned event has been a unique occasion to meet a lot of illustrious experts and start discussing further co-operation opportunities.

At the end of the congress, the organiser awarded Silvateam a prize for its highly innovative solutions in tannins. An expert panel carried out a technical assessment in order to select the best innovations related to polyphenols application fields.

The innovation prize awarded to Silvateam was due to its ability to promote tannins as natural polyphenols in a wide range of applications using various plant sources, such as chestnut, quebracho, tara, gallnuts, grape and other exotic woods, widely available in nature. The direct access and strict control over raw materials allows Silvateam to guarantee the quality, availability and sustainability of its products. The extraction process is eco-friendly, as simple as making a nice cup of tea. The wood is chipped and infused in hot water to obtain a liquid tannin. After evaporation of water, tannin in powder form is commercialised all over the world.

Silvateam management was delighted of the achievement, and even more grateful of receiving recognition from such a competent audience for years of researching innovative techniques, processes and formulations.

You can surely state that nature is part of Silvateam DNA.

Silvateam award

Samuele Giovando, R&D Director at Silvateam, Dr. Mariano E. Fernandez Miyakawa, Researcher at CONICET


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