Polyphenols and natural pigments: what are the food & beverages applications?



Pigments 2018 Aim:

The aim of this workshop is to highlight the strategic role of polyphenols as natural additives and pigments based on three axes:

(i) Present the recent scientific advances of polyphenols as pottential natural pigments & additives
(ii) Discuss the industrial aspects and how to switch from synthetic to natural pigments
(iii) Discuss how to convince the consumers

To access the preliminary agenda of Polyphenols 2018, please follow this link.

Practical Cases and Food & Beverages Applications - Call for abstracts and innovations

The Scientific Committee will select some practical applications of natural pigments in food and beverages.

All scientists and industrials are invited to present their practical innovations of natural pigments in foods, sweets, functional drinks...

To submit an abstract for the symposium, please find all modalities here.

For more information: www.polyphenols-site.com



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