Stabilization of anthocyanins by co-pigmentation using mango peel and rooibos phenolics

Judith-Muller-MaatschDuring the 12th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications: Bonn Polyphenols 2018, Judith Müller-Maatsch from University of Hohenheim, Germany will talk about "Stabilization of anthocyanins by co-pigmentation using mango peel and rooibos phenolics".

Short summary of talk: "Anthocyanins are highly susceptible to light exposure, temperature, and oxygen, thus, the color of anthocyanin-rich products lacks in stability during processing and subsequent storage. Anthocyanins’ susceptibility to degradation is primarily determined by their molecular structure and the surrounding matrix, i.e. pH, water activity, hydrocolloid content, and concomitant phenolic compounds named co-pigments. Co-pigmentation describes the interaction of anthocyanins and co-pigments that results in a modulation of color and a change in anthocyanin stability. Phenolics of mango peels as well as rooibos have been observed to effectively modulate the color of strawberry anthocyanins. Whereas phenolics based on gallic acid deriving from mango peel  pronouncedly modulated the color, phenolics from rooibos further increased the stability of anthocyanins during heating."

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