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Malta Polyphenols logo redTo facilitate the scientific discourse and make the conference more interactive, the scientific committee has decided to include two round table discussions that address hot topics, challenges and pressing questions related to various areas of polyphenols research.

Day One Round Table Discussion
Polyphenols and food applications
Chair: Prof. Andreas Schieber

  • What is the impact of established and novel processing methods on polyphenols?
  • How can we control and exploit reactions of polyphenols in food applications?
  • How can we utilize side streams of food processing more efficiently for the recovery of polyphenols?
  • Are there applications at the horizon beyond food – what about feed, cosmetics, and others?

Day Two Round Table Discussion
Polyphenols and health applications
Chair: Prof. Marvin Edeas

  • Where are we now and what are the prospects?
  • What is assured knowledge and what are the gaps?
  • How do microbiota and metabolites, the new players in the world of polyphenols, affect our classical thinking and make us rethink and redesign our strategies concerning polyphenols applications?

All participants are invited to participate in these discussions by sending their questions and thoughts before the meeting by the September 6, 2019


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