Layn USA Inc. will showcase their innovations during the Malta Polyphenols Congress 2019 !

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The Malta Polyphenols Congress 2019 is proud the count as one of its participants and exhibitors the Layn USA Inc.


Layn is a global leader in the vertically integrated production of premium quality plant-based sweeteners and natural flavors. With deep proven experience in the industry spanning over two decades, they offer market-leading expertise in the agriculture and science behind our products.

They are known for their sustainable farming partnerships offering full traceability, significant annual investments in R&D, agricultural innovation, global sales and formulation support, and the world’s largest high-potency plant-based sweetener manufacturing capacity.


During the Malta Polyphenols Congress 2019, Layn USA Inc. will exhibit their products and innovations as well as give an oral presentation from Dr. Juan Javierre about "Polyphenols blends as technological antioxydants". 


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