Prof. Juan Carlos Espin was discerned the Scientific Award 2022

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The scientific committee of Polyphenols Applications 2022 awarded Prof. Juan Carlos Espín, Spanish National Research Council, Spain, the Best Scientific Award of the year during the 15th #PolyphenolsWorldCongress.

This award was given for his brilliant presentation about the past, present, and future research on polyphenols "Polyphenols 2022: Where We Are Now and What’s Next".

Prof. Espín gave an exhaustive presentation about the current research on polyphenols, as well as clear vision on the future of polyphenol research, raising many questions that can be useful in furture research:

  • Can we personalize polyphenols health effects?
  • Can we create personalized and specific probiotics aiming to reduce the variability of polyphenols metabolism?
  • How can we take into consideration the interactions between polyphenols and medication?
  • What are the methods to improve polyphenols systemic delivery?

Prof. Espín stated: “I am very grateful to the Scientific Committee of the Polyphenols Applications Congress 2022 for this recognition. The Best Scientific Contribution Award is undoubtedly a great honor.

I am proud to have spread the importance of polyphenol research through this renowned forum.”

The scientific committee congratulates Prof. Juan Carlos Espín for his achievement and is looking forward to learning more about his studies. 

Extract of Prof. Juan Carlos Espín's presentation


You can watch his interesting presentation if you missed it by ordering the conference's replay. Know more about it.


Polyphenols Applications 2022 Congress
September 28-30, 2022 - Valencia, Spain

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