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Polyphenols Applications 2024 Agenda

The 17th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications is scheduled on September 19-20, 2024, at the Università degli Studi di Milano Statale - Italy.

Local Organization of University of Milan

Sabrina Dallavalle, Andrea Pinto, Cristian Del Bo' and Daniela Martini.

Polyphenols Applications 2024 Aims

This edition focuses on offering a comprehensive agenda of the conference. Emphasizing the bridge between groundbreaking scientific research and its application to human health and practical outcomes in the field of polyphenols, the congress aims to foster a deeper understanding and actionable insights in polyphenol science.

The congress is committed to showcasing the latest developments in polyphenol research, with an emphasis on applying these findings for human health benefits and practical uses.

Preliminary Agenda

Day 1: Thursday, September 19

Keynote Address: Polyphenols Applications 2024: Scientific Advances and Future Directions
An extensive overview of the current state and future prospects of polyphenols, establishing the context for the conference's thematic discussions.

Session 1: Polyphenols in Health and Disease: Mechanistic Insights & Perspectives
This session explores the biological mechanisms by which polyphenols affect human health and their potential roles in disease prevention and treatment.

Lunch & Poster Session

Session 2Polyphenols, Microbiota & Metabolites: Recent Advances & Translation
Examines recent discoveries on how polyphenols interact with the gut microbiome and metabolites, highlighting their significance for human health.



Day 2: Friday, September 20

Session 3: Polyphenols in Food Science: Recent Advances
Discusses the latest efforts to integrate polyphenols into food, focusing on health benefits and environmental sustainability.

Lunch & Poster Session

Session 4: Future Directions in Polyphenol Applications
An exploratory session on emerging research areas, including:
• Extracellular Vesicles and Exosomes
• Polyphenols and Epigenetic: Towards Precision Health
• Impact of Polyphenols on Cellular Agriculture: Myth or Reality
• Polyphenols & Fermented Foods: Optimization
• Circadian Rhythms
• Artificial Intelligence


Special Highlight: From Research to Human Application
A consistent theme across all sessions is the focus on translating polyphenol research into real-world health benefits, illustrating the path from laboratory research to clinical application and dietary guidelines.

We wish to meet you all next September in Milan.

Dr. Jan Frederik Stevens updated

Prof. Jan Frederik Stevens
President of Polyphenols Applications
Oregon State University, USA

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