Polyphenol-rich extract supports memory and attention, says recent study


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A study recently published in Antioxidants, found that supplementation with a polyphenols-rich extract from grape and blueberry (Memophenol from Activ’Inside, Beychac et Caillau, France) supports cognitive performance. In the randomized, cross-over, double-blind study, 30 healthy students consumed either 600 mg of PEGB or a placebo. Ninety minutes after intake, cognitive assessments were conducted for one hour. These assessments included serial three subtraction task (STS), rapid visual information processing task (RVIP), and subjective ratings using visual analogical scales (VAS).

Results showed that compared to placebo, consumption of the polyphenol-rich extract demonstrated a 2.5-fold increase in STS variation net scores. The STS task requires participants to count quickly and accurately backwards in threes from a given random starting number between 800 and 999 presented on a screen. The task aims to evaluate subjects’ working memory and attention levels. A serial seven subtraction (SSS) task was also performed, which is identical to the STS task, but instead involved subtracting in sevens. No significant improvement was found in SSS task performance.

News source: http://www.nutritionaloutlook.com

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