Polyphenolic Extract Activated Keratin Starch Coating: Fabrication, Characterization & Antifungal Evaluation

News release, Polyphenols Applications - 17 March 2022, Valencia - Spain

Today, the application of protein-based bio-composite edible films in postharvest preservation of food and agricultural products is attracting increased attention due to their biodegradability, eco-friendliness and sustainability. In their study, Oluba et al., fabricated an avocado pear peel polyphenolic extract enriched keratin-starch composite film, characterized and evaluated for antimicrobial activity against fungal infected tomato fruits after 6 days of storage at room (25 ± 2 °C) temperature.

Polyphenolic Extract Activated Keratin Starch Coating Fabrication Characterization  Antifungal Evaluation

SEM images of keratin-starch films functionalized with avocado pear peel polyphenolic peel extract. 


They obtained the following results:

  1.  Successful film formation with high degree of compatibility and homogeneity.
  2. 6-day post-coating, Loss in weight of the coated tomato fruits decreased significantly with increasing extract concentration while titratable acidity showed a significant increase with increasing extract load.
  3. Higher ascorbic acid and lycopene contents in the avocado pear peel polyphenolic extract-loaded films.
  4. No significant effect in catechol oxidase activity of the tomato extract across the different treatment groups.
  5. Fungal growth inhibition showed a dose dependent increase consistent with avocado pear peel polyphenolic load in coated tomato fruits compared to control.

In summary, polyphenolic activated keratin-starch coating was able to reduce spoilage-induce weight loss as well as conserve the overall quality of fungal-infected tomato fruit and reduce microbial growth.

Therefore polyphenolic activated keratin-starch coating could serve as a sustainable and ecofriendly postharvest preservation method to prolong the shelf life of tomato fruits.

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You can learn more about this study here.

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