Pharmacological Therapy & Pomegranate Extract in Metabolic Syndrome: Impact on the Gut Microbiota

Pharmacological Therapy  Pomegranate Extract in Metabolic Syndrome Impact on the Gut Microbiota

News release, Polyphenols Applications - 29 March 2022, Valencia - Spain

Poly-pharmacological therapy shapes the gut microbiota (GM) in metabolic syndrome (MetS) patients. The effects of polyphenols in poly-medicated MetS patients are unknown.

Cortés-Martín et al, conducted a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded, and crossover trial in poly-medicated MetS patients to explored whether the effects of a pomegranate extract nutraceutical are affected by the drug therapy.

Considering the lipid-lowering (LL-), anti-hypertensive (HP-) and(or) anti-diabetic (AD-) treatments: GM, short-chain fatty acids, 40 inflammatory-metabolic and endotoxemia-related biomarkers, associations between biomarkers and GM with 53 cardiometabolic dysfunctions-related single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and urolithin metabotypes (UMs) influence are evaluated.

Representative SNPs-GM associations after PE include Lactococcus and ClostridiumXIVa with rs5443-GNB3 (G-protein-β-polypeptide-3) and ClostridiumXIVa with rs7903146-TCF7L2 (transcription-factor-7-like-2) and rs1137101-LEPR (leptin-receptor).

  1. PE decreased sICAM-1 in LL-patients and the lipopolysaccharide-binding protein in all the patients.
  2. PE did not affect the other patients’ markers as a group or stratifying by UMs.
  3. Lactococcus increased in AD-, LL-, and HP-patients- after PE
  4. Bifidobacterium increased in LL- and AD- after PE
  5. Clostridium XIVa decreased in non-LL- and non-HP-patients, after PE

Thus, the prebiotic effect of PE depends on the medication, mainly on HP-treatments. Targeting GM can complement MetS therapy, but the patients’ drug therapy should be considered individually.

Clinical trial details.

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